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iGROWco Sprouts Affirmation Cards are a fun, practical tool, to help children become aware of themselves, explore their feelings and discover a sense of connection with the world.

With 1 in 8 children in the UK being diagnosed with a mental health problem and many struggling with low self-esteem, children need more support than ever to navigate through life’s challenges. A life dominated by screen-time and the need to be ‘liked’ has replaced meaningful relationship building, connection and most of all PLAY!


Whether read to babies whilst feeding, repeated by toddlers during playtime or read by children at bedtime, the practice of repeating positive daily affirmations, or ‘MAGIC’ words, inspires reflection and helps children to develop positive belief systems, values and confidence in their most formative years.

Older children are encouraged to repeat the affirmations themselves and consider examples for how they connect to their lives.


It’s as easy as ABC…



This simply means something you believe to be true, said with confidence. Say your affirmation out loud, with conviction!



Close your eyes, be still. Breathe it in. How does it feel in your body? What thoughts and feelings come up?



Connect the affirmation to your own life. Read and answer the question, talk about it with a grown up, discuss examples and express how it makes you feel.


One for One

For every iGROWco Sprouts card set sold, a digital set will be donated to a deserving family or classroom.


“We are creating a global movement to inspire the next generation of leaders.
Teaching children to turn inward and unleash their personal power.”

- Annabel & Joy


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