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What do iGROWco™ affirmations do?

  • Create positive thought patterns and beliefs

  • Form neural pathways to encourage positive internal dialogue 

  • Cultivate your child’s strength and personal power

  • Help your child become aware of their emotions, and accept them

  • Improve academic learning and readiness to learn

  • Nurture a sense of who they are and their connection to the world 


It’s as easy as ABC…



This simply means something you believe to be true, said with confidence. Say your affirmation out loud – with conviction.



Close your eyes. Be still. Breathe it in.
How does it feel in your body?
What feelings and thoughts come up?



Help your child connect the affirmation to their own life. Ask the question, talk about it, discuss examples and express how it makes them feel.

What if we raised our children differently?

Doing daily affirmations together forms your child’s values and develops positive beliefs. This encourages a growth mindset and builds confidence as they grow up.

Research shows that one in ten children will experience a mental health difficulty before age eleven. Since we develop our belief systems from the moment we are born, they are the foundation for our whole lives.

Giving Back! 

For every iGROWco™ Sprouts card set sold, a digital set will be donated to a family or classroom, as nominated by you or from our list of worthy recipients.

We are creating a global movement to inspire the next generation of leaders. Teaching children to turn inward and unleash their personal power.
— Annabel & Joy